About Us

chris graham and friend


Cedar Lane includes liberal Christians, liberal Jews, Buddhists, Humanists, atheists, and others. We do not wear these labels conspicuously, but blend together, always curious and searching for meaningful ways to look at life and religious experience. We gather each Sunday morning to hear words of wisdom and the discussion of interesting topics. We sing, reflect, and enjoy the warmth of our community. We bring our children, who have a program of their own during the service.

We are people of faith who are not afraid of questions. We prize diversity. We enjoy discussion, and sharing insights. We welcome your curiosity and invite you to visit us.


Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church has been a liberal religious presence in Montgomery County since 1951. As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we affirm the values of religious freedom and life-long learning, the use of reason, the practice of democracy, the inherent worth and dignity of all people and our collective responsibility to act for justice and live in harmony with the Earth. Cedar Lane's mission is to explore the eternal, to nurture community, and to build a more just world. We work together towards creating a faith community of hospitality, justice, and love.