Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees 2016-17







Cedar Lane's Board of Trustees serves the congregation by setting the strategic vision of our liberal religious community. This vision supports our mission: To explore the eternal, to nurture community, and to build a more just world. 

What does the Board do?

In coordination with the ministers, staff, lay leadership, committees and members, the Board:

  • Sets policy and delegates operating authority to the senior minister, as head of staff.
  • Oversees and evaluates Cedar Lane's operations and programs.
  • Approves the operating and capital budgets.
  • Determines the disposition of income from the Endowment Fund.
  • Shares and embodies Cedar Lane's mission and vision

We want to hear from you!

The Board represents the congregation, and it is very important to us that we hear the questions, concerns and ideas you have. We have a variety of ways to connect with the Board:

  1. Talk to one of us after a service – we're easy to spot, we wear blue name tags
  2. Drop a note in our mailbox in the office's reception area
  3. Email us: 

How are Board members chosen?

Board members are nominated by the Nominating Committee. Each year the congregation votes on the nominations, electing new Board members to replace those leaving after their term. The Board elects its own chair.

Members who are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees are encouraged to connect with the Nominating Committee to discuss their interest and the expectations of serving on the Board. Please contact Kate Curtis, chair, Nominating Committee, at

CLUUC Board of Trustees 2016-17
MemberEmailTerm Ends
Jim Anderson, Chair Elect 2018
Carol Bertaut, Assistant Treasurer 2019
Greg Falcigno, Secretary 2019
Brent Garland 2019
Linda Gianessi 2019
Dave Hawver, Chair 2017
Emily Mellgren 2017
Ariel Mora 2018
Melissa Reichley, Communications Coordinator 2017
Gail Riley 2019
Gwen Warman 2017
Jack Welch, Treasurer 2017
Abhi Janamanchi, Senior Minister --

Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

TBD --
Michelle Collins, Associate Interim Minister 2018
Sara Deshler, Executive Director --