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The mission of Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church is “to explore the eternal, to nurture community and to build a more just world.” Our congregation seeks to fulfill this mission through an amazing array of programs, projects, services and events. Together, our rich and diverse ministries create a strong liberal religious presence, offer inclusive sanctuary to individuals and families coping with the many challenges of life and give voice to the long-practiced UU values of religious freedom, the use of reason, compassion, and tolerance.


To best fulfill our mission, the congregation employs a number of staff.  Staff members are specialists in their areas of responsibility and are charged with collaborating with and empowering community members to fulfill their service to the congregation and the wider world. While some staff members are ministers, everyone in the congregation – members, ministers and staff – play a crucial role in the many ministries of Cedar Lane.


How to Reach US:


Should you wish to contact a staff member you may do so by calling (301) 493-8300 and dialing their extension (below).  During office hours you may reach us by either dialing directly or dialing 0 to reach the Office Receptionist between the hours of 10 to 4 PM, Tuesday through Friday.

Display #
Name Position Phone
Abhi Janamanchi Senior Minister 301-493-8300 x203
Archene Turner Community Minister N/A
Ashley Burton Del Sole Religious Education Administrator 3014938300 x207
Katie Romano Griffin Assistant Minister 301-493-8300 x204
Henry Sgrecci Director of Music 301-493-8300 x214
Jasmin Lee Accompanist
Lucy Dubinsky Data Base Administrator 301-493-8300 x210
Kenneth Torquil MacLean Minister Emeritus 301-493-8300 x310
Office Receptionists Office Receptionists 301-493-8300 x0
Pedro Diaz Custodian 301-493-8300 x 211
Sara Davidson Director of Communications 301-493-8300 x202
Sara Deshler Executive Director 301-493-8300 x209
Terry Sloan Facilities Manager 301-493-8300 x211
William Spencer Facilities Technician 301-493-8300 x 211
Norman Allen Intern Minister 301.493.8300 x205
Carolyn Morrissey Volunteer Coordinator 301-493-8300 x310
Roger Santodomingo Membership Coordinator 301-493-8300 x305
Tim Atkins Director of Lifespan Religious Education