Behind the Scenes with the AV Team

September 25, 2018
  • Michael Morse, AV Team Leader

Working on the A/V (Audio/Visual) Team is a “behind the scenes” job, but it’s a big one. As you know, Cedar Lane is a very busy place. Our team of eight members handle the sound and video requirements for all the Sunday and holiday services plus about 45 other events every year, including memorial services, concerts, the Alliance presentations, and many special events including the evening forums, lectures, Spirit Experiences, weddings, bar mitzvahs, Jewish services and meetings (both church-related and not). At times we provide sound systems and expertise for events off-campus.

For every event our mantra is, “Every person hears every word.” To this end we employ professional sound systems in the Sanctuary, the Chapel and the Chalice House. We have two assisted listening systems (ALS) in the Aanctuary, one FM-based with headsets provided and one “Loop” system which interacts with hearing aids that include telecoil (“T-coil”) devices. The sanctuary sound system includes speakers in the Library, the office hall and the Lounge for those who cannot be in the Sanctuary for an event.

On the video side, we manage several systems. Foremost are our cameras and broadcast system that allow us to live-stream services and special events. We provide large TV monitors in the choir loft for choir members and event attendees with obstructed sight lines. For overflow crowds for Sanctuary events, we can provide TV coverage in the Library and the Chapel. We have stand-alone cameras that we use to video record events, interviews, and promotional video.

If you like to work behind the scenes and you like cool technology and helping people, please consider volunteering for the A/V Team. If you can hook up a home stereo system or TV you can handle our systems. Time requirements aren’t too bad. Each Sunday, two team members serve for both services (when there are two services), so it’s usually only once a month and we can work around your schedule. You can volunteer for special events and you may find memorial services to be a particularly satisfying way to serve. There are no regularly scheduled team meetings. In addition to working with a great group of friendly, dedicated and resourceful people, you’ll know you played an essential role in many of the church’s activities.

Contact us at to get involved or have your questions answered!