Behind the Scenes of the Falling for Cedar Lane Auction

September 21, 2018
  • Kathie Bryant, Auction Team Chair

I would love to regale you with wonderful and funny stories about planning and executing our signature annual fundraiser, whose team I’ve had the great pleasure of chairing for the past six auctions. But we’re a serious bunch who work hard to put on a smashing evening of fun and fundraising for our Cedar Lane family and friends.

The annual auction features both silent and live auctions, delicious homemade food, wine and beer, and free childcare in the Chalice House for the younger set. And the cost is only $20 to attend!  Click here for details about this year's Auction on November 10, 2018.

The auction has been running since the early 1990s, and the last seven events have collectively raised approximately $280,000.

Who is Involved?

Each year approximately 75 volunteers work in various capacities to make this joyous demonstration of generosity part of our church.

The Team:

Fifteen to twenty of us are in charge of procuring donations from businesses and members, selling tickets, recruiting volunteers, buying and serving wine and beer, coordinating donated edibles, decorating our space, accepting and displaying donations, checking guests in and out, distributing winnings, entering data into our auction software, publicizing the event, creating Power Point presentations, photographing it all, transitioning between silent and live auctions, and providing childcare. And as I write this I’m wondering if I’ve left anyone out – a comment on the size of this endeavor.

The Majority of the Volunteers:

Another 60 church members and friends spend anywhere from half an hour to several hours before and during the auction to keep everything running smoothly. Team members are in the Lounge each Sunday, enticing old and new members and friends to lend a hand in any way that works for them.

Why get Involved?

If you like a good party, this is the place to be. If you’re new and want to meet other members, this is the place to be. When I hear someone say that they don’t know how to connect, I know how they can connect. Attending the auction is great, but working on the auction next to others who have been around for a while is the best. Check out the list of tasks above, and think about your skills and interests and then contact Kathie Bryant at or Lisa Chernikoff at to see where you fit.

My One (slightly) Amusing Story. How I got Involved.

Some years back, I had come off the Board of Trustees and followed up on the Nominating Committee. We were tasked that year with finding a new chair for the auction team. We looked high and low, and no one was willing to step up. I finally said, “I’ll do it if Ms. B will co-chair.” Well, she was involved in too many other church activities plus work and couldn’t. As I wiped my brow, thinking I had escaped that one, they assured me that Kate Harrison, who had co-chaired the year before, would co-chair again. Oh dear.

Well, 2018 is my seventh auction, and I am here to tell you that with this auction team, anything is possible, including two full auctions in one year when we transitioned from the spring to the fall. And that’s what I say to people who are in awe of the tremendous amount of work. I don’t do it all; I just hold the reins and make sure we all pull together. It’s a very rewarding job.