Get Out The Vote for Immigrants & Refugees

February 20, 2018

IT STARTS NOW!—A coordinated, sustained, focused campaign by Cedar Lane and 22 other congregations and schools to compel Montgomery County Council to greatly increase vital support for our immigrant neighbors, regardless of their status.

In the Vision 2020 exercise last spring, Cedar Laners identified immigrant justice and refugee support as priority social justice issues. Now comes an immediate opportunity to put that resolution into action and achieve real results:

  • Creation of a legal defense fund to provide attorneys and bail money for neighbors facing deportation. (Legal representation at least quadruples the chance of resisting deportation, but few immigrants can afford a lawyer.)
  • 70% increase in the annual expansion of affordable housing. (Many neighbors face monthly rents that exceed monthly income.)
  • Expand “Excel Beyond the Bell” after school enrichment programs to serve 2,400 additional students. (Education for the kids, and a great help for working parents.)

These programs were requested by county citizens in Action in Montgomery listening sessions during the past few months and they reflect Cedar Lane’s stated priorities, so let’s get to work!

We will mobilize a Get Out The Vote campaign to put these issues front and center during this County election season. With a 1,000-person candidates meeting and 10,000 personal pledge-to-vote cards, we and other Action in Montgomery organizations will directly and publicly ask all candidates to commit to support these programs if elected.

Mark your calendars and commit to attend the Acition in Montgomery planning/Get Out the Vote training meeting that will kickstart the campaign. Important note: Cedar Lane participation is NOT limited to church members, so bring your friends and neighbors.

Tuesday, March 13
7 – 8:30 pm
Episcopal Church of the Ascension
205 S. Summit Avenue (corner Summit and Hwy. 355)
Gaithersburg, MD

For more information and to register your commitment to attend, visit the Get Out the Vote table in the Lounge after services or contact Nancy Janssen ( or Ron Outen ( Cedar Lane promised 45 participants. Let’s do better than that. Sign up today!