Reflections for November & Our Monthly Theme of Memory

November 2, 2018
  • Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

My cursor is blinking.
Rapidly flashing as thoughts race through my mind.
Each flash, equally as important as the last.
Each flash a moment of possibility.
Blinking. Blinking. Trying to form—something.
Waiting to tell a story.
There is so much to say.
So much to share.
But I find myself caught in the silent flashing moments.
Of a cursor, both frozen and moving.
Waiting for something to change.

October was a hard month, so much happened and yet nothing seemed to progress, much like the flashing cursor. The travesty of justice that occurred with the Kavanaugh hearings will not be forgotten any time soon. We witnessed hurricanes, typhoons, and other cataclysmic events as Mother Earth roars in response to the anthropocene age’s advancement of climate change. October has passed and yet, we remain in suspension as November begins, waiting for change.

This month’s Soul Matter’s Theme is “Memory.” We will remember our loved ones who have passed on November 4th at our All Souls Service. We will remember (hopefully) to vote on November 6th. Our democracy requires participation and ours is a faith that supports the democratic process. If you need help getting to the polls, please reach out to me:

will remember the service our veterans have given and are giving to our country by holding them in our hearts and in prayer at our Sunday, November 11th service. will re-member, bring together, parts of our community by enjoying an Ethical Eating Potluck before Vespers on Nov 14 and then we will celebrate Thanksgiving together at Cedar Lane on Thursday, Nov 22 at 2 pm with our first annual Friendsgiving Dinner. Sign-up here to bring a dish:

October is behind us. November is before us. May we savor each blink of the cursor this coming month and make something great of each moment of possibility.

Believing in you,

Rev. Katie