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Building Renovation

A central recommendation from the Vision 2020 initiative was “to transform our spaces to better nurture community.” To begin implementation, the Cedar Lane Board of Trustees created the Capital Asset Planning Committee, CAPC for short. To achieve this goal will take a capital campaign. For the past eight months the CAPC has visited with other Unitarian Universalist congregations that have had successful capital campaigns, and interviewed and recommended to the Board two outstanding consultants: Ritter Norton Architects, and James D. Klote Associates, a seasoned fundraising firm. Both have been put to work.

CAPC has been engaging the congregation throughout. Many Cedar Laners participated in focus groups last summer with the architects, and over the last several weeks, many have also been part of some 20+ focus groups that constitute the “readiness” phase of a potential capital campaign. You have given invaluable feedback on a proposed conceptual design -- and cost estimate, as well as the notion of making a greater investment in our programming. The purpose of these several weeks has been to have conversations about our future, to test our congregation’s appetite and generosity -- the potential support we might have to empower our vision.

The Board will consider the CAPC’s recommendation at the close of the readiness stage at the October Board meeting. And, on October 29, at a special Congregational Meeting, we’ll all be voting whether or not to proceed with a Capital Campaign. If we do so, the Campaign will launch in early 2018 and last for several weeks. Then, in late Spring 2018, when we know how well we have done, how much money we have raised, CAPC will direct the architects to begin work on renovations we can afford.

Please participate in the Congregational Meeting on Sunday October 29, after second service. And thanks to everyone who has been part of the readiness focus groups.