The Alliance



The Alliance originally started as The Women's Alliance in the 1950s and invited men to join later on. There are currently 87 members. Membership is open to all who wish to join, but since most of the activities are during the day, most members are retired. The members help to serve the needs of the group and to the general congregation.

Monthly General Meeting/Potluck Lunch:

The general meeting is a potluck lunch on the 2nd Thursday of each month from Sept. to June. Examples include a report from the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly 2016, an annual Holiday Sing-a-Long, etc. It was a varied set of programs designed to attract different interests.

Other Activities:

Besides the monthly luncheon, there are a number of activities that of are interest to the members. The 1st Friday book group meets in Room 1-2 downstairs to discuss a book each month. The books to read are selected by majority vote in April of each year. The film discussion group meets every 4th Thursday in the library to view a film that is appropriate for discussion. There are two bridge groups, one in the afternoon on Tuesdays and one in the evening. The book corner in the lounge sells used books and some CDs and DVDs that are of interest to the congregation. The jewelry committee collects and sells jewelry to the congregation one Sunday a month in the lounge. The Alliance offers receptions to church members following memorial services.

How we fund the Alliance:

Income is acquired from dues, bridge players, used book sales, and jewelry sales.  With money collected at the monthly luncheons, a foster child from the Navaho tribe is supported. Money is also collected to aid the UU Partner Church scholarship fund.

The Alliance donates to the church and budgets money to donate to local charities.

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Join us!  

Contact Alliance President, Lee McNair,

Alliance Activities:

1st Friday:  Book Discussion Group in Room 1-2
2nd Thursday:  Potluck Luncheon and Program (all invited!). September - June each year in the sanctuary
Every Tuesday:  Bridge in the library from 10 AM - 12 PM
4th Thursday:  Class Film Viewing in the library