The Forum at Cedar Lane

CLUC Ralph Nader 24Photo:  From the Evening Forum at Cedar Lane on 9.11.16 with Ralph Nader

Sunday Morning Forum

The Sunday Morning Forum meets at 10:10 AM in the Chalice House between worship services.  Join us for a talk and free trade coffee! 

February 19 / 10:10 AM: From Obamacare to Trumpcare.  Health economist at PwC will talk about the impact of the Affordable Care Act, as well as how its repeal and replacement, would affect health insurance coverage, premiums, and the provision of health in the US. His discussion will be based on the latest information about proposals to repeal and replace the ACA as well as recent impact estimates from the government agencies, think tanks, and a report from PwC, President-elect Donald Trump: Turnaround Time. Dr. Rodgers will also discussion some of the possible scenarios that are possible, given the choices facing Congress and the Trump Administration.

February 26 / 10:10 AM:  Lessons For Our Time From Rachel Carson, with Bob Musil, the President and CEO of the Rachel Carson Council. Bob will discuss how Rachel Carson stimulated the environment movement, leading to today’s broad environmental protections. He will also talk about her environmental ethic, her strong political action in the face of corporate and right-wing opposition, and what she might have done in the face of the new Trump Administration’s actions to promote fossil fuels, deny climate change and end environmental regulation.

About the Forum at Cedar Lane

The Forum at Cedar Lane offers Cedar Lane members, friends, and the greater Montgomery County community an opportunity to discuss a broad range of contemporary issues and explore their ethical and spiritual dimensions.  The Forum at Cedar Lane includes our Sunday Morning Forum, which meets weekly at 10:10 AM in our Chalice House Main Room between worship services, September 2016 through April 2017.  Enjoy some of our free-trade coffee while you participate!  The Evening Forum meets on the second Sunday of each month at 7 PM in our auditorium.  Please note however that for the month of October, our Evening Forum will take place on October 16, the third Sunday of the month.  Evening Forums closer to two hours and feature speakers of interest to a wider community.