From the Stewardship Team

CLUUC Ingathering Service 157

Now Is The Time...To Make Your Generous Pledge

Goal: $1,100,000
Percent of Goal: 32.5%

The goal is to raise $1.1 million in pledges. To do so, you are being asked to be exceptionally generous, to increase your pledge by 10% -- even 20% if you can.

Your pledge enables staff and Board to plan responsibly for the year ahead. Your pledges comprise 75% of our annual operating budget, that is salaries for our dedicated ministers and staff, inspiring worship services, lifespan religious education, support for vital social justice initiatives and compassionate pastoral care when we need it.

That's what we do year in and year out. But this time it's different. These are not normal times. Since the arrival of the Trump-Pence administration, daily we are bombarded by threats to our beliefs and nearly every progressive gain of the last two generations is at risk.

And as a liberal faith community, Cedar Lane must have the resources to be nimble and able to respond with strength. Women's reproductive health, civil rights, affordable healthcare, immigrant rights and the very future of our beloved planet -- all are at risk. The progress we've all worked for in civil rights is under assault.

We know your charitable giving is being put to the test everywhere. We ask that you make Cedar Lane first among equals -- and that you make your generous pledge now, today. You can fill out the pledge form mailed to you, or fill out another at church, or make an online contribution.

If you have already pledged, thank you for your generosity. As of today, members have pledged $357,232 which is 32.5% percent of our goal.

Is Your Nametag on Fire?

Wondering what those little flame stickers are? They indicate the wearer has made their pledge towards next year's operating budget. And on the Flame-ometer, the growing number of little flames is kindling a huge chalice of hope as we raise $1.1 million to make love work in these troubled times. So, add your spark by pledging. You recently received the campaign materials and pledge card in the mail. Or you can pledge online.