DLRE Search

BeFunky Valentine Collage February 11 2017From our Valentine's Day Religious Education Family Party, February 11, 2017

We express our gratitude on behalf of the entire congregation for the Rev. Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick’s service to Cedar Lane. Her energetic, grounded, and compassionate presence has provided an important and meaningful ministry to our children, youth, and adults, and she departs with our deep gratitude. We wish her many blessings in her new ministry opportunities.

With Hillary’s departure, we have embarked on a search for a new Director of Lifespan Religious Education. The following is the position summary: “The DLRE is responsible for the overall development and implementation of the religious education ministry for children, youth, and adults that fosters and promotes Unitarian Universalist values, spiritual growth, and social justice.”

This position will continue to help us explore new possibilities and deepen the church’s vision and dedication to religious education and faith development throughout the lifespan, while supporting our commitment to multicultural ministry.

We are looking for an experienced religious educator who can fill the role and bring gifts that support Cedar Lane’s vision, mission, and ministry. The offer for this position will be for two years starting September 2017 with an option to renew for a longer term based on mutual agreement. Here’s a link to the position announcement on our website: DLRE Announcement.

It is late in the settlement process, so we are conducting an expedited search, trying to disseminate through various channels within the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Liberal Religious Educators Association. We have received a few applications in the last two weeks, and continue to spread the word. The application deadline has been extended until July 7. The search team has begun interviewing candidates. We hope to select a finalist by the end of July, so they can join us by early September for the new church year.

Please contact Linda Gianessi or Jack Welch if you have any questions or comments about our next steps.

In faith,

Your DLRE Search Team [Linda Gianessi, Sebastian Moffett, Melissa Reichley, Judy Rodgers, Gwen Warman, Jack Welch] & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi