Message from LREMT Chair

Travis Ploeger Melissa Reichley and boys
Travis Ploeger, LREMT Chair, with wife Melissa Reichley and their two boys!

A message from our LREMT Chair, Travis Ploeger

Hello Cedar Lane! I'm not only the 2017-2018 chair for the Lifespan Religious Education Ministry Team for Cedar Lane, but I'm also the proud and happy parent for two children currently in the program! I'm writing to you today for three reasons:

First, I'd like to thank our families for having your child be a part of our program. We understand that religious education for our kids is often a highly important reason for being part of a church community (sometimes, the primary reason), and we are grateful that you trust Cedar Lane to join you in this hugely important part of our children's lives. We understand that this has been a time of change in recent years (transitioning to a longer RE school year, having to find a new Director for our program with Hillary leaving to live/work in Massachusetts, the new TAPESTRY multi-generational program replacing "Spring B," etc.). I want you to take comfort that our Ministry Team of dedicated and motivated lay volunteers will work to make the upcoming school year more predictable in the things we like and love, as well as continue to try to make the program even better and more rewarding. How, you may ask? Funny that you should ask that...

Second, I'd like to invite you to be a part of the Ministry Team! If you have already done so--thank you! We are currently seeking a few volunteers to join our team. Not only would you help with planning the various events that involve LRE throughout the year (Ice Cream Social, Holiday Craft Day, Easter Egg Hunt, TAPESTRY), but you would have the chance to help shape at an organizational level the very experience that you clearly find so important already- the religious education of your children. We meet the first Wednesday evening of each month, September through June, with an additional half-day retreat in either July or August. The primary requisite for serving on this ministry team is a desire to help make Cedar Lane's LRE program fantastic; everything else is trainable. :)

Third (and finally), we still have a few teacher positions to fill for the 2017-2018 school year. Again, if you have already stepped up, thank you! I didn't have any experience in teaching religious education... until I volunteered to help with the Senior High class a few years ago. Soon after that, I taught 7th grade. Again: no prior experience. I wasn't alone; there were other, more experience teachers there with me, to help me every step of the way. While the time commitment is a real one (since it means, more Sundays than not, you will be teaching from Sep-May), it was a deeply rewarding experience that helped remind me what I appreciate about being a UU at Cedar Lane. We have also worked to modify the schedule to allow for roughly at least one Sunday off per month, on average, and more some months. We also are hoping to have teaching teams of at least 3 people, to allow for more of a rotation of weeks off among teachers. While we have most of our classes ready to go, there are still some openings to fill in the following grade levels Please note that each of the below classes already has one or more seasoned teachers in place, so you will be working with someone who already knows the ropes!

9 a.m. Session
Chalice Children (4 Year Olds): Need 1 Teacher
Kindergarten: Need 1-2 Teachers
Festivals and Celebrations (3rd Grade) Need 1 Teacher
Tapestry of Faith (4th Grade) Need 1 Teacher
Growing Up Year (6th Grade) Need 1 Teacher

11 a.m. Session
Growing Up Year (6th Grade) Need 1 Teacher

Again: no prior experience is needed. You will be with others, to teach together. the primary requisite is a willingness to give of yourself your time and attention to our youth. Everything else is trainable. :)

Participating as a teacher, or on the LRE Ministry Team, are excellent ways to not only make new friendships within the church, but to deepen your overall spiritual connection to Cedar Lane. I hope you will consider it, and if you decide to find out more information about these chances, please contact and we will reach out to you to answer your questions and (hopefully) get things started!

Thank you again for your time, and have a wonderful summer.

Keep shining,