Religious Education Curriculum

 Please note that during the summer, June - September 10, we do not have Religious Education classes!  
We provide childcare in Room 28-29 downstairs during the Sunday Worship Service.

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We would love to have you and your family come visit us on Sunday mornings!

Kids are welcome to join us downstairs, if classes are open and available, or your family is welcome to join us upstairs for the service. A comfort room is available in the library for our youngest visitors and their families. The service is streamed into the library and comfortable chairs and toys are available.

We also invite you to join us for children's chapel, for Grades K - 6, at 10 AM and 12 PM in the chapel on the upper level of the building. This high-energy service is designed to engage children and introduce them to the ritual of worship services. We offer classes for every age level (please note the service times at which they are available).


Babies & Toddlers (9 AM & 11 AM)

This nurturing, cooperative classroom offers a first introduction to Cedar Lane as a safe, caring environment. Children are invited to play and learn as well as to begin to develop lifelong friendships with our youngest UUs.

Chalice Children (4 Year Olds, 9 AM)

Based on the premise that children learn best through experience, this beginning UU curriculum will begin to nurture children's spiritual growth and will begin to help develop a sense of community and will introduce the concept of simple rituals.

Developing a Sense of Self and Others (DUSO) (Kindergarten, 9 AM)

Children will begin to develop an appreciation of the value of diversity and explore feelings through role play, games and stories told by "DUSO the Dolphin" and his friends.

Haunting House (1st Grade, 9 AM)

Within the "Haunting House" children will explore relationships, share stories, discover the natural world and talk about important religious questions, including about birth and death. The class includes an important parent meeting that discusses the birth and death units.

Tapestry of Faith (2nd Grade, 9 AM; Kindergarten – 4th Grade, 11AM)

Tapestry of Faith is a collection of curricula and resources that nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love.

Festivals & Celebrations (3rd Grade, 9AM)

Through ritual observances, we will learn about memories, beliefs, values, fears and hopes of people everywhere. By understanding the religions of the world and their holidays and holy days, we will make a connection with people everywhere.

Stepping Stone Year (4th Grade, 9AM)

Religion helps people find answers to important life questions and to discover that some questions do not have answers. In this beginning course about Unitarian Universalism, we listen to the ideas, beliefs and attitudes of others; learn about famous Unitarian Universalists, and begin to make connections between the worlds of science, wonder and religion. The year culminates with a special ceremony during chapel.

Bibleodeon (5th Grade, 9AM; 5th/6th Grade, 11AM)

In this experiential and hands on class, we introduce the stories of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. Inspired by Nickelodeon, the class will explore Bible stories in many exciting ways, including acting them out, watching modern film interpretations, and investigating them as TV Reporters. By the end of the year, students should know enough about the Bible to decide for themselves what to think and believe about it.

Growing Up Year (6th Grade, 9AM)

During this transition year, our young people develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of general UU beliefs and principles and how they apply to their lives. Students will have the opportunity to visit other faith communities during the year and are encouraged to explore their own personal religious beliefs and to respect other religions and beliefs. The year culminates with a special ceremony during a spring worship service.

Junior Seminar (7th Grade, 9 AM & 11AM)

This course focuses on UU identity; the ways UUs create community, or tradition of good works and our principles. It also includes opportunities to learn about social justice and to participate in social justice work.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) (8th Grade, 9AM and 11AM)

In this class, led by trained facilitators, youth have the opportunity to learn about and explore all aspects of sexuality and relationships. In addition to comprehensive, factual information about protection, our students learn communication skills, decision making and a wide variety of tools to assist them in navigating relationships of all kinds. The goal of the curriculum is to nurture healthy, loving relationships with others. The class includes a mandatory parent meeting.  More info here.

Coming of Age (9th Grade, 11AM)

This introductory course to our Unitarian Universalist heritage offers a chance to explore the beginnings of Unitarian Universalism, articulate personal beliefs and make connections between the two. During the spring break, the class makes a pilgrimage to Boston and vicinity to explore our UU roots. The course culminates with a special Coming-of-Age service and celebration.

Senior Seminar (10th - 12th Grades, 11AM)

Our older high school youth meet together to explore a wide variety of topics. We will utilize parts of the Our Whole Lives senior high curriculum, discuss issues of class, privilege, gender and race, learn about navigating relationships with family, friends and academics. We also will build UU identity through church membership for youth who are at least 16 years of age