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Summer Update: Changes, Improvements, and More!

September 13, 2018

Over the summer, a number of changes and improvements happened at Cedar Lane – the building closure, a new security system, and a number of new staff!  

We closed the building for two weeks, reducing the amount spent on air conditioning and other utilities.  Staff continued to work during this time, and discovered additional benefits from the hiatus.  The facilities team, led the by the new Building and Grounds Manager, Scott McQuiston, deep cleaned the entire building.  Floors were stripped and waxed, carpets shampooed, corners dusted.  It looks great; if you get a chance please thank Scott and our Facilities Tech, José Morant, for their hard work and attention to detail.  

Next, as part of Cedar Lane’s commitment to the safety and well-being of all who use our facilities, we had an updated, more comprehensive security system installed.  There is a new key system for exterior doors, a new burglar alarm, and a new motion-activated security cameras at key locations throughout the campus.  The campus remains open and accessible by all during the same hours as always.  

Lastly, a number of new staff joined the Cedar Lane team.  The facilities team has two new members – Scott and José. In addition, Clare Jacocks came on board to handle room reservations and the database, and Olivia James is the new Accounting and Office Manager.  She took the position vacated by Jen Morley, who is the new Executive Director.  We also have a new Intern Minister, Christin Green (who will be preaching on September 23).  Check out the enews next week for bios of all the new staff.  

- Jen Morley, Executive Director, jmorley@cedarlane.org