photo from the balcony of audience and stage during a Sunday worship service with Rev. Abhi speaking
Rev. Abhi with a bunch of youth following worship service
Rev. Archene Turner during worship sitting down and listening with slight smile
Format: 11/22/2017
Sermon: "Begin with Gratitude"
November 19, 2017
Gini von Courter

French historian Alexis de Tocqueville described gratitude as a “habit of the heart”. Recent studies suggest that even when our lives go unexpectedly well, gratitude is not our default response. If we are grateful people it is because we learn to be grateful and continue to choose gratitude, to make the ongoing choice to respond gratefully in tragedy and triumph, risking that our response might reshape us and become habitual.

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Sermon: "Countering White Supremacy"
November 12, 2017
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Last Spring, Cedar Lane joined 682 UU congregations to hold a White Supremacy Teach-In to look critically at the ties our hiring processes, cultural assumptions, and habits have to racism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. In late August, we joined over 700 interfaith and activists partners from the DMV region to say NO to all systems of white supremacy and to say YES to Love Over Hate.

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Sermon: "Vespers - Going Within"
November 8, 2017
Norman Allen

Intern Minister Norman Allen and singer/songwriter Jenny Lynn Moyer invite you to Cedar Lane’s monthly Vespers service on Wednesday, November 8. A combination of chant, readings, and profound, shared silence, Vespers offers us the opportunity to go deep within, whether we enter the Chapel with joy or sorrow on our hearts.

Sermon: "Love. Loss. And that thing called Abundance."
November 5, 2017
Rev. Katie Romano Griffin

We begin our November Worship with a time of remembrance in “Love. Loss and That Thing Called Abundance.” This year’s Service of Remembrance will include a ritual where the congregation will create an altar to remember loved ones who have passed, so please bring an item that reminds you of someone you have lost with you to the service. You can also expect the hear the names of Cedar Laners who have passed this year, and the wonderful music you have come to love each year on this holy day.

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Sermon: The Search for Wholeness
October 29, 2017
Rev. Bill Sinkford & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Liberal religion is always a work in process, given shape in response to the needs of the day. Tradition can inform but not direct us. Even who we mean when we say "we" is shifting. What is certain is our commitment to resist hate and proclaim the power of love.We need our congregations to hold us as we search for wholeness and stubbornly reject despair.

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