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Upcoming Worship Services

October 22 | 9 & 11 am
"UN Sunday: Courage & Resilience" 
Rev. Eric Cherry, Director, UUA International Office & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi
Can we be the people who call out to the not-yet-breaking Dawn with relentless courage and hope? Can we find the strength to engage in struggles that transcend decades and generations? Can we be carried by faithful solidarity when the moral arc of the universe does not appear to be bending towards justice? United Nations Sunday invites us to remember the UU affirmation of ‘World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All’, and to share stories of U/U courage and resilience during challenging times. Yes, we can be the people who gather the strength and hope necessary to resist global authoritarianism as a matter of faith and principle. In that spirit, we gather.

Rev. Eric M. Cherry has been the Director of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s International Office since August 2007. In this position, Eric manages the UUA’s relationships with UU and interfaith partners around the world, provides resources for congregational international engagement, and supervises the staff of the UU Holdeen India Program and UU United Nations Office. Prior to accepting this position, Eric served for 12 years as a parish minister with UU congregations in Burlington, Iowa and N. Easton, Massachusetts. 

October 29 | 9 & 11 am
"The Search for Wholeness"
Rev Bill Sinkford & Rev. Abhi Janamanchi
Liberal religion is always a work in process, given shape in response to the needs of the day. Tradition can inform but not direct us. Even who we mean when we say "we" is shifting. What is certain is our commitment to resist hate and proclaim the power of love.We need our congregations to hold us as we search for wholeness and stubbornly reject despair.