Israeli percussionist Roni Parness

Interactive Drum Circle

January 13, 2018
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


  • Sanctuary
Marge Dimond

Join Israeli percussionist Roni Parness and master drummer Romero Wyatt for an interactive drum circle.

Roni is an accomplished djembe player with a great passion and love of music and it’s influence on life. She trained for many years with West African drum masters. She has played with many bands in a “rainbow of styles” – rock, ethnic, fusion, live electronic, Greek, Persian, Blues, and Latin. She conducts drumming workshops all across Israel, especially women’s drum circles intended to create a strong sense of community and empowerment. She says, “I play. I teach and I learn. . . . . Above all, in my workshops I aim to give room to that wonderful channel, that allows the beat of the drum to just flow right through us. 

Romero Wyatt is a percussionist, instructor, composer, producer, studio engineer, and owner of Drumtalk39 Entertainment LLC and Trusounds Recording Studio in Kensington. He is also recognized as an internationally known touring recording artist, percussionist and producer. Romero has produced and performed on numerous CD’s like A Childs Tale Cheikh N’Doye, and upcoming artist Like Nahi A Quest For Peace, Lumina Lyte, Nana Firmpong and many others. Romero has worked with many successful musicians, singers, dancers and actors.

Romero has extensive experience providing drumming and percussion for major theater productions like Dina Was (the Dina Washington story), Crowns and other productions. He was also the principal African Djembe drummer for the televised pre opening of the National Museum Of African American History and Culture in 2016. He has worked with colleges including American University, Georgetown University, Howard University, and J. Sergeant Reynolds. Romero has also worked with and for Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Jones Haywood Ballet Company, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Dance Place Theater and many others.

All are welcome. Bring a percussive instrument or one will be provided. Please RSVP to Marge Dimond at