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Board Matters

December 21, 2017

Summary of the December 12, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting

Capital Campaign Kick-Off: March 3, 2018

Excitement is building! The Capital Campaign will be a regular part of the Boards agenda in the coming months. Mel Kalagian our consultant from Klote & Associates, reported that preparations for the campaign are well underway. The Steering Committee is deeply engaged in planning and preparations. Soon, conversations will take place across the congregation to talk about continuing our commitment to Vision 2020 and lifting up our strong community. The campaign kick-off is March 3. Save the date!

A Changing Cedar Lane

Do you feel the “winds of change?” They can be refreshing, but they can also stir up questions. Abhi reflected on our community living through a time of change. Our Vision 2020 is slowly being realized, and with that comes a sense that things might feel different. For some, this is exciting; for some, it can be uncomfortable. The Board will discuss living in the space between the known and the new during a winter retreat. 

Strategic Direction 

The staff continues to dedicate time to fleshing out the meaning and substance of the church’s strategic plan. With each Board meeting, we come closer to understanding the full meaning of statements set forth by the congregation in the Vision 2020 document and to name the actions that ensure our words are lived out in our daily transactions and future plans.