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New Cedar Lane Jewish Affinity Group!

December 12, 2017

Do lox, latkes and matzoh ball soup mean anything to you? What about social justice (Tikkun Olam)?

We have come to Cedar Lane from many paths, which shape our identity. One of these paths is Judaism. Would you like to meet with other Cedar Lane congregants who identify with Judaism or Jewish culture?

Janet Goldberg is planning to organize a Cedar Lane Jewish Affinity Group--with regularly scheduled potlucks--so congregants that identify with Judaism, or Jewish culture, can talk about how we came to Cedar Lane, what parts of Jewish identity we retain and cherish, and what it means to be a hyphenated/"both" UU (or whatever label you choose, or don't choose, for yourself). We can explore different themes at the gatherings, if there's interest.

Children are welcome to attend. (Janet is a single parent, so her 6-year-old son will be there, and he'll appreciate having playmates. And, she will appreciate him having playmates.)

If you are interested, please e-mail Janet Goldberg at janetjcg123@gmail.com.

If you are interested in starting another type of affinity group, for example: LGBTQI, Indo-American, Latinix, etc. Please contact Rev. Katie at Kromanogriffin@cedarlane.org.