photo from the balcony of audience and stage during a Sunday worship service with Rev. Abhi speaking
Rev. Abhi with a bunch of youth following worship service
Rev. Archene Turner during worship sitting down and listening with slight smile
Format: 07/20/2018
Sermon: "Choosing to Break Down Stone Walls!"
July 15, 2018
Rev. Pratima Dharm

A Franciscan blessing says, “May God bless us with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships so that we may live from deep within our hearts.” Rev. Pratima Dharm will speak on how to embrace and engage the whole truth about a person despite their differences, to form deeper relationships. So, we could break through the walls or barriers that do not include all, and together help us create the blessing of a more open and welcoming community.

Sermon: “Spiritual Courage”
July 8, 2018
Rev. Dr. Terence Ellen

The freedom to resist is at the core of our faith tradition since resistance is the flip side of affirmation and since both require freedom to exist.  In the spirit of freedom we have witnessed for the individual conscience as the highest religious authority and for the democratic process as the highest form of community.  In our past this witness has required  the courage that comes from considered conviction in both our private and public life. So, too, is this courage required of us today.  

Sermon: "Freedom to Resist"
July 1, 2018
Worship Associates

What does it mean to resist?  What is our capacity for resistance?  We’ll explore these questions on the Sunday before Independence Day.  Wear your protest t-shirts and bring your protest signs. Our 207-18 Worship Associates will lead the service.  Members include: David Devlin-Foltz, Wangari Kamau, Ellen Kelley, Carolyn Morrissey, Barbara Warman, and Mary Farrar.

Sermon: "Wish On a Star"
June 24, 2018
Rev. Kenneth Torquil MacLean

Join us as we welcome back Cedar Lane's Minister Emeritus, Rev. Kenneth Torquil MacLean, back to the Cedar Lane pulpit.  Rev. MacLean returns to Cedar Lane to preach once each summer.  This Sunday, the topic will center on the question: If there are shooting stars, what would you wish for?

Sermon: "Nurture Your Spirit. Help Heal the World."
June 17, 2018
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

“What will you do with your gifts,” asks the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker. “Choose to bless the world,” is her answer. The choice to bless the world is an intentional one that invites us to go deeper within to connect with and nurture the source of love and hope – together. And from that place of connection, to work to heal the world – together.

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