| Michael Thoryn, Cedar Lane Member

In May, the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ) Advocacy Corps visited a number of Congressional offices to encourage signatures on a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The issue was protecting Dreamers (undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children).


I want to start off by naming something I’ve noticed during my first year as your director of lifespan religious education.  I’m not saying this to guilt or to shame, but I think it shows some of the bigger picture I want to discuss.

| Tim Atkins, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

September can mean many things to many people. What excites me the most, however, I that it is the start to our 2018-19 Religious Education Program Year! Woohoo! We are so excited to see you and your family after what I hope was a wonderful summer.

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| Rev. Abhi Janamanchi

Two travelers on their way to Japan were standing at the rail of the ship looking out upon the vast open sea. After but a few moments, one of them turned about and walked away, disappointment written on his countenance. Throughout the day, the traveler returned to the deck and then turned his back upon the scene, each time appearing more disconsolate than before.

| Lesley Vossen, Member of the Immigrant Justice Ministry Team

Cedar Lane’s Immigrant Justice Team continues to work on a number of projects both as a group and as individual members of the team. From time to time, in Cedar Lane’s newsletter, members will reflect on the work being done to help new and prospective immigrants coming to America seeking safety, freedom, and hope for their children.

| John Gubbings

I was asked to tell you why I felt called to support the Poor Peoples Campaign and participate in its direct action at the U.S. Capitol. It would take the story of my life, but basically it is the desire to take responsibility at the highest level opportunity brings my way. For the first three fourths of my life this was in the context of the Navy and classified activities of the U.S. Government.